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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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d, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. right now at noon, president trump's travel ban leads to a lawsuit. families denied entry at philadelphia international airport on saturday gathered at city hall just a short time ago to state their case. they alleged president's executive order violates the sixth amount the. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. the families behind the lawsuit were sent back to their countries of origin. joining within the hour for an update on those families.
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were detained turned away within landing, and they say their loved ones deserve justice. >> this is extremely unfair and inhuman to stop a mother from seeing her daughters after years, and treating her like a criminal. >> it was a shock to hear that they were sent back the way they were. to send -- not to give them a phonecall or translator or an attorney, to give them the option, how they sends them back so quickly was just heart breaking. >> and mayor kenney again criticized the travel ban and president trump. we will have much more on the lawsuit and the stories every these local families coming up on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. >> meantime several airlines are promising full refunds to those travelers caught in president trump's travel ban. american united and delta airlines say they're complying with the president's order, but they're also reaching out to help travelers with refunds, re booking, and other accommodations. >> well, the senate is moving
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ahead with confirmation every president trump's next attorney general. the move comes after the president fired the asking attorney general because she wouldn't support the travel ban executive order. correspondent dent weijia jiang at the white house with new development. >> senators in the judiciary committee debating whether to move forward with senator jeff sessions' nomination to be the next attorney general. >> he will follow the law. >> the full senate approves sessions will take over a department of justice that has been shaken up, after the late night firing of sally yates, the acting head of the department. the white house claims yates and obama appointee had betrayed the department of justice, when she refused to enforce president trump's travel ban for citizens from seven countries, yates said she was not convinced the executive order was lawful. democrats say sessions needs to be able to stand up to president trump, as well. >> the attorney general is the people's attorney, not the president's attorney.
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>> many people are still criticizing the president's temporary travel ban, and now state department officials in mostly muslim countries are expressing new concerns. american diplomats in kitar, arab and em rid, have sent cables in the last 24 hours saying jihadist cents will use the ban as propaganda tool. but the white house warns state personnel to support the president's decision. >> bureaucrats have a problem with it, i think that they should either get with the program or they can go. >> despite the warning, dozens of state department diplomats signed a memo every dissent arguing the ban runs counter to american values. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". also, president trump plans to announce his nominee for the supreme court tonight. federal appeals court judges kneel go such, william pryor, thomas hardiman, discussing
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vacancy since the death of antoine scalia a year ago. cbs will have live coverage of president tum's choice for the supreme court, you can watch it at 8:00 tonight right here on cbs36789. >> meanwhile, in other news this noon, home catches fire in bucks county earlier this morning and woman was pulled from the flames. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in bensalem township with more on why it was a tough battle for firefighters. anita? >> reporter: good afternoon, jim. that woman is alive, but in critical condition, at a local hospital, and we're being kept back from the scene. but if you look down this street, byberry road, see some of the damage to this home. and a lot of police and firefighter activity still on the scene, as they work to put out hot spots. we want to get right to the video now and show you the flames bursting out of this home on the 2200 block of byberry road. the smoke was billowing out of the top of this home around 5:30 this morning. firefighters rescued an elderly woman trapped in a bedroom on the first floor. she is now in critical condition at aria-torresdale
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hospital. officials say another man was also inside the home at the time, but was able to get out on his own. he's now in stable condition. and hours later, fire crews had a tough time putting out the rest of this fire and hot spots. battalion chief says because of the amount of belongings stored inside this home. >> the hoarding house, a lot of combustible material, boxes stored, floor to ceiling, the basement, the first floor, the second floor, a loft storage, firefighters had extremely difficult time maneuvering through the building. >> now, another live look here at the scene, as you can see, there is a lot of activity still out here, and the damage to that home, battalion chief says extreme hoard something actually becoming more and more of a problem here in bensalem township, which puts firefighters and neighbors at risk. he says that at one point he had to pull his firefighters outside from inside of the home because of the dangerous conditions inside from this hoarding. live in bensalem, anita oh,
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"eyewitness news". >> meanwhile, fire at center city condo building sends resident out into the colds earlier this morning, it struck two alarms before firefighters could get it under control. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do was there all morning, and has the story. >> heavy smoke billowed from the top of six story old city condo building on latesha street around 4:45 a.m., residents waking out of bed. >> i heard rutkus on the unit above me. there was a lot of seemed like people were running around, banking, and then shortly after that i heard a young lady in the hallway yelling fire. >> i was like knocking down all of the doors. >> that woman was park, park and her boyfriends live on the fifth floor where officials say the fire started. >> there were fireballs coming down. we have little small extinguisher, he tried to put it out. he actually kicked me out of the apartment first and tried to put some of the fire out. it was dropping down into our apartment. >> crews had the fire under control in about an hour.
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shutting down market street, between third and front in the process. in all, three buildings were damaged. >> a loft these buildings were modified over the years. since ben franklin, now they're connected and again a lot of these buildings, features, hard to tell what leads to what. that's always a challenge. >> fire commissioner adam seal reported one minor injury, and four people displaced. so fire marshall's office is on scene, investigating the cause of this fire. l & i also hear reports from residents that the fire alarm did not go off. in old city, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". also this morning, nicetown, at least seven people were forced from their home after this fire that occurred around 8:00 this morning. this is on the 1700 block of st. paul street. the seven victims are now in the care of the red cross. at least two homes were damaged. no word on a cause. a contractor falls to his death in sussex county, delaware this morning, happened at the. in rg indian river power plant, after 8:00 a.m.
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fell from the roof of the plant. names are not released and the accident remains under investigation. former villanova professor has been found dead days before he was set to begin serving prison term for child pornography. christopher, recovered at the train tax in exton, chester county saturday. tells "eyewitness news" he took his own life. he pleaded guilty last november to using villanova campus computers to search for child porn. >> after long struggle new boy scott policy opening you are for children across the country who wish to participate. now excepting transgender children, correspondent hena daniels explains a boy from new jersey helped to make the change. >> i got -- >> joe is turning nine this week. playing a big part in changing a century-old policy within the boyscouts of america. >> i feel happy. >> late last year joe was asked to leave his new jersey troop, after leaders found
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out, he is trans gender. joe was born jody, a female, and says he likes being a boyscouts. >> i like to go camping. i like to do science experiments, bake cupcakes and stuff, it was fun. they ruined it. >> his mother christie took their battle to court filing a complaint with the new jersey state division of civil rights. and late monday night the organization changed its 100 year old stance, starting today, will except and register youth in the cub and bow scout program. based on the gender identity on the application. lgbt rights activist support the policy change. >> ii really believe banning anyone from participating partin programs that are designed to build the character of our youth in america is un-american. and so i'm really glad to see that this is happening. >> joe has been getting letters and support from around the globe. while he says he's not sure if
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he'll rejoin the scouts, he does hope the story will help others. hena daniels, cbs news. well, there are a lot of snow squawls around yesterday, and lauren, some folks could see some more snow today? >> yes, a cold and flurry-filled last day of january, i'll let you know where we could see up to 4 inches of snowfall today. and plus, a frigid start to february in store. all of that coming up in your full forecast. >> also, ahead this noon, big news, and i do mean big news, for oprah winfrey fans. she is coming to cbs. >> get out a town. >> where you'll be able to see her and exactly when after the
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>> artifact known as the first country offers has a new home. >> george washington, served as wartime field headquarters throughout much of the revolutionary war, part of the proceed ya presentation in old city. now, historians say the tent is where he made many decision that is made the course of history. >> understanding of principals of the american nation, inspired the loyalty of army, inspired the loyalty of the entire nation. but really came to symbolize the leadership of washington. >> very cool. the museum of the american revolution opens april 19th. and, soon, you'll have your chance to see grace kelly's childhood home. the east falls home will
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reopen for public visits. the prince paid three quarters after million dollars last year to buy the home where his mother grew up. the house will also include the regional offices for the princess grace foundation, the prince says that he hopes to reopen the home by 2018, if not sooner. >> this is exciting news. oprah winfrey is joining the cbs family. starting this fall she will join 60 minutes as a special contributor. executive producer says winfrey is a wonderful person who is full of energy and ideas. winfrey will remain chair and ceo of her own cable network. cbs says she will be part of several stories in the upcoming season of 60 minutes. her first report is scheduled to air in the fall. so excited about that. we told you yesterday how long school in chester county has a special connection to superbowl 51. school in exton celebrating atlanta quarterback matt ryan. ryan celebrated in 1999, and take a look at this, players big game this sunday, this school the school formed human number two in honor of his jersey number.
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looking good, kiddos. >> well, you know we love our panda's here on "eyewitness news". >> and coming up: you will see a very few pandas do something pretty silly as crowd of people watch. we promise. stay tuned for that. >> well, it is only tuesday, but of course we're always thinking about the weekend upcoming, and it will be a cold first weaken of february, frigid, in fact, especially on saturday. by saturday we will have a lot of sunshine, really not going to be able to get out and about with temperatures really struggling only making it in to the low to mid three's across the area, tracking system that could bring us some snow, later in the day on sunday. and we will talk more about that in your full forecast, that's coming up next.
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electric owe has building sets for star squashes, harry moth err -- potter and other movie franchises, now they can have fun with leggos on smart phone. new, called leggo life, where children can share pictures up their leggo creations and participate in building challenges. service also has features to prevent on line bullying. >> you know, i actually like. that will i thought you were going to say it was a game where you just build the leggos virtually. but you're still actually making it, so interesting. >> brick and mortar. >> oh, yes, exactly. >> we like things old school around here. so certainly feeling like winter out there. >> yes. >> some snow, last day every january, got some flurries, snow off to the north and west, cold temperatures, and it will be a cold start to february. but thursday still comes out, phil comes out, maybe turning
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things around. yesterday we did have snow squawls across the area, saw some flurries, some snow showers continue into this morning, time lapse, from bethlehem, and lehigh county. you can see snow on the grounds there, accumulated, and definitely a wintery looking scene. and in the city, we pick up .8 of an inch of snowfall yesterday. from that snowfall activity throughout the afternoon. and now we're up to 6 inches of snowfall so far this winter. but we are well behind our seasonal average of about 22 and a half inches, and last year we picked up 27 and a half inches, mainly from one storm system in january, now we're closing out the month, but seeing the most accumulation of snowfall through the day today. well north and west of the city, up toward the poconos, getting live look on the neighborhood network camera, broads heads ville seeing snow covering the ground, nice, creating very wintery and pleasant looking scene. but right now, in center city philadelphia, getting a live look on "skycam 3", definitely have the clouds still in place. have some flurries off and on, throughout the morning, and that will continue into the afternoon hours.
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temperatures struggling, only at 35 degrees. feeling more like 29 degrees. but that east wind up around 7 miles per hour. and temperatures right now, in the poconos, in the teens. still in the 20's lehigh valley doing better down the shore where temperatures are in the middle 40's right now, we do have breezy conditions, some of the reporting sites, especially in wildwood right now, with winds up to around 20 miles per hour. so that's making those 40's feel much colder than that. what to expect this afternoon, rain, snow showers, but not as ominous as it sounds, because they will be very spotty in coverage. then around the city, extremely light in intensity, speckling little to know accumulation, in the city and surrounding suburbs, storm scan3 showing us most of the snowfall concentrated up toward the lehigh valley and poconos where you are seeing the flakes flying as we speak right now, in and around the allentown area, will continue to move off to the east. so easton, see some of the flakes flying your way, as we head into about the next 30 minutes, still some moisture up winds, across portions of western and central pennsylvania. you can see the motion there
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to the east. so we will be contending with that as we head into the second half of the afternoon. we will seat accumulation concentrated up into the lehigh valley, and mainly the poconos where we will see periods of snow, continuing throughout the afternoon, and evening, two to 4 inches of accumulation, and we've already had 2 inches of accumulation in some spots, do watch out for slow and slick travel, very reduced visibilities, because at times that snow could come down pretty heavy in inch earns at this up in the higher elevations, trend for january sofas we close out the month, cloudy, dreary conditions, check this out. only had two, fully sunny days, in the month of january in philadelphia, 14 partly cloudy days, and 14 overcast days. but we do have some sunshine in store getting some vitamin d. 41 degrees the high temperature, so cold day. tonight back to 33 degrees, parmly cloudy, brisk, west went about 10 miles per hour, across the region see accumulating snowfall in the poconos, temperatures struggle only making it into the 20's,
12:22 pm
down the shore we could see passing light shower where temperatures will be well above freezing. as we head into the second half of the day, we do get some relief from the cold, little bit, as we head into the day tomorrow. high temperature of 48 degrees, in philadelphia up near 50, but things get down right cold head into the second half of the week. groundhog day thursday, mostly sunny, blustery, 40 degrees. but then temperatures take tumble, by friday, high only of 34 degrees. nice sunshine, though. but you have to be pretty bundled up to enjoy that, as we head into saturday, high only of 33 degrees. and we are watching out for some snow late day on sunday at this point accumulations look like they could be minimal. >> okay, it is winter. >> yes. >> thank you, lawyer glenn this video is likely to make you smile even if the forecast didn't. decided to live end things up, while swirling and the enclosure, the panda decided to do a somersault before
12:23 pm
continuing to walk around, like nothing had happened. now, we hear that when he is not doing somersaults, the panda enjoyed playing, amusing crowds, looks like he is pretty good at that. i also like he likes candlelight dinners. >> oh, ya. quite the gym that is. >> well, coming up: why you may see some people walking backward today. including me. >> will you do a somersault?
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>> hope could be on the horizon for altzheimer's patients there is wearable cap could help millions of people keep their memory longer. thousand works today at 5:00. and today might just be a regular old tuesday to you. but it is also a day to change your life. >> it is national backward day. today, january 31, the day to change your direction. that walk from the news room isn't assisi as it looks, national wack barred gay that opportunity to reverse your ways, and here is a fun fact about backward day, leonardo de vin can i wrote backwards, including making the letters themselves backward. >> look at that, even a jump on to the set. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, for lauren, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness"eyewitness news"s at 5:00. the young and the restless is
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